Review – A Promise of Fire


Title                           A Promise of Fire
Author                       Amanda Bouchet
Publisher                  Hachette Australia
Source                     NetGalley
Genre                       Fantasy Romance

A promise of fire? There certainly was – but more on the smokey stuff soon.

A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet is a fantasy romance set in a time where warlords made empires and Greek gods intervened at will.

Cat ran away with the circus. For the pat eight years it’s been the perfect place to hide – until warlord Beta Sinta discovers her circus skills make her royally useful. She also has a few other tricks up her sleeve. Forced out of the circus, cat is faced with continuous peril as she is taken to the Sintain Palace. Along the way, Cat must decide if she should use her powers to save herself and expose herself to the deadliest enemy in the world.
Fun, fast and full of action, A Promise of Fire delivers an entertaining read that I devoured in two days. The lead players are well-crafted and Cat is a durable creature who reminds me a little of Celaena Sardothian. She has sass, she has spunk and is more ferocious than the warlord’s team combined.

With energy like that it’s not surprise there is fire in this story. And I’m talking smokey, hot, sexy fire. As in, burn the house down fiery stuff.


The sparks in this book were not what I was expecting from a YA book and to be honest – this is NOT YA. I don’t care how old the MC is.

The tension between Cat and Beta Sinta builds well and Beta Sinta’s interests and emotions are conveyed well. She is determined not to give in to her physical attraction to him. Her constant thoughts about his rippling muscles became somewhat repetitive on their journey to the Palace.
What didn’t sit well with me was the abuse and the power struggle between Cat and Beta Sinta. Falling in love (lust?) with your kidnapper who keeps you tied up is a little too Stockholm Syndrome for my liking.
Aside from that, the unfolding events surrounding her time with Team Beta and the myriad of enemies now pursuing Cat make for an exciting, fast-paced read.

Try this if you liked Ice like Fire or Mortal Heart and enjoy your glasses steaming up while you read.