Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

These are my book problems that drive me crazy!

1. I’ve loaned out the second book in the All Souls Trilogy (Shadow of Night) to someone who’s since left the country and now my set is incomplete! I can’t yet bring myself to pay for the book again but it pains me to see it missing.


2. I was desperately waiting on the final book in a trilogy to be released only to unintentionally read spoilers on Twitter.

3. Not having enough time or patience to re-read the previous book in a series before progressing onto the latest even though I really needed to.

4. Finishing a book an hour before going to sleep but it’s too soon to start a new one. Emotionally I’m not ready to commit, but physically I need to read myself to sleep.

5. Not waiting until the right reading time to read the last few chapters of a book. Often when I’m nearly finished a book I’ll keep reading even when my four-year-old is demanding my attention every second line. What I should do is put the book away for a couple of hours. What I inevitably do is keep reading. The distractions stop me from entering the ‘fictional dream’ and, thus, from enjoying the ending as much as I would have otherwise.

6. Enjoying a series but having to wait five or more years for the next book as the author is too busy on other projects E.g. screenplays for the television series. Not mentioning any names here…

7. Being excited and blogging about a book I’m looking forward to only to not enjoy the story one bit. *Quietly slides book to the back of the shelf and never mentions it again*

8. When the covers in a series are changed. Ugh.


Different colours AND different sizes. *sobs*

9. When a person hears that I love reading, hands me a book and proclaims, “You HAVE to read this, you’ll love it.” How long do I hang on to the book before I can hand it back and politely explain I have no interest in reading that book/what on earth were you thinking? Book suggestions I appreciate, book demands I do not.

10. There’s too much life/daily grind in between reading time.


These are my issues and I do my best to deal with them… What about you? Do you have any bookish problems?