January Sequel Joy


This morning I woke up to an email from a book store informing me that my pre-ordered copy of Fight For Me by K.A. Last was available for download. Woohoo! I’ve been eagerly anticipating the second book in the Tate Chronicles so much so that I may have tried pre-ordering it more than once. Turns out that does not help the release date arrive any faster.
So now that it’s mine, should I halt the book I’m halfway through and pick up again with the Tate Chronicles? I think… yes.


Another sequel on my radar is that of Isla’s Oath by Cassandra Page. Book two in the Isla’s Inheritance series is released January 20.

If you want to read some Aussie paranormal YA lit that holds its own against the big international titles then check out Fall for Me and Isla’s Inheritance. You won’t regret it!


So after all the release excitement of the next three days, we then have The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon releasing on January 27th. The Mime Order is the sequel to Shannon’s The Bone Season. The Bone Season is unique and strange and different and I loved it. I’m looking forward to continuing the journey.

After all this sequel anticipation I’m going to need a holiday to recover. Oh wait, I’ve just had six weeks off and am heading back to work on Monday. *sigh* Oh well, I guess I can squeeze some work in around reading.


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