“How’s the novel coming along?”

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“How’s the novel coming along?”

I love and loathe that question. I love it because it shows that the person asking is interested in my writing and my writing is my passion. How great is it when someone remembers what you are passionate about?

The problem is the inevitable follow up question: “So, when is it being published?”

Oh if only it were that simple. The road to publication is a long drawn out process but not one that people outside of the industry are always familiar with. Many people have heard the tale of J.K. Rowling being rejected by 12 publishers before landing a deal for Harry Potter. It’s a good way of putting it in perspective for those oblivious to the inner workings of the publishing world. I like to mention Rowling and then admit I’ve only had four rejections, I need to earn a lot more than that before I find a home for my book.

The other issue is that I’ve fallen in love again and am now seeing new characters. When I wrote Life Without Clouds, it was an all consuming process. I was completely caught up in the story and had to make an effort to participate in everyday life. It took me around two and a half months to write it, six months to edit it and then, well, I tried writing other things but the thrill wasn’t there. I fumbled my way through ideas hoping that the love would come. It was like going on blind dates in the hope that someone would be compatible. They weren’t.

It was the week before Christmas past when I saw her. I was in my favourite indie bookshop when this girl walked past me. My breath caught. I may have followed her around the stacks for a bit (poor kid). There was something about her that made my fingertips twitch. She had to be my next main character. I don’t know who she was and I probably wouldn’t recognise her again if I saw her, but those few (kind of weird stalkery) moments were enough. My next story was born.

Now I have a group of characters that excite and ignite my writing passion. I have a plot line with twists and whirls and spins and turns. I have one hell of a cool main character. Her name is Leighton and she is a demon hunter. I am head over heels in love with my new WIP.

So be prepared. If you ask me, ‘How’s the novel coming along?’ expect to have this lovestruck lass talk your ear off about bloodlines and demons and high school. Oh, and about the girl in the black and white striped knee-high socks who walked past me in a book store.


4 thoughts on ““How’s the novel coming along?”

    • Thanks, Bronwyn. 🙂 It is hard to find the balance between inspiration, motivation and dedication. So far I’ve been able to stick to writing everyday this year. Fingers crossed this keeps up when I’m back at work next week.


  1. You should totally self publish. It sounds like you’ve had a crack at the traditional way, so maybe just pay for a good editor then upload it yourself to Amazon. Then you can move onto the next venture and keep writing. I guess if it depends on if you have your heart set on traditional.


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