Pitcharama: Life Without Clouds

Title: Life Without Clouds
Author: Fiona Miller-Stevens
Genre: NA, Contemporary
Word count: 52 000

Have you ever had someone pass through your life and leave you changed forever?

Life Without Clouds is the story of 18 year old Rose – a cinema-working, retro-loving, boy-fearing, history geek.  Rose has a plan. Study like mad in order to qualify for the overseas student exchange programme – a year abroad would be the perfect escape from her awful recent past. There is no room in this plan for romance. In fact, Rose has resolutely sworn off all boys until she’s 22. Maybe then, dating won’t be so traumatic.

Sticking to this plan was easy, that is, until the gorgeous, funny and fellow history buff, Quinn, walked into her life. Meeting him was definitely not part of the plan.  But Quinn has his own past, and it’s not necessarily one that Rose is going to like.

Life Without Clouds is a funny, yet poignant, coming of age story about facing up to fears and learning to love, even when the universe has other ideas.



Visit Aussie Owned and Read for more information about Pitcharama 2014.


5 thoughts on “Pitcharama: Life Without Clouds

  1. Hey Pitcharama team mate. Congrats on the requests. I couldn’t find you on twitter so thought I’d stop by. Good luck with your submissions 🙂


  2. Well this is all very exciting Fiona! Jen let me know … best of luck, the synopsis is great, I can’t wait to read it one day soon!
    Candace x


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